Policies and Procedures

Jendally Kennels policies and procedures

All puppies sold with the Jendally prefix regardless of quality will be registered on LIMIT REGISTER papers.

Each new owner will be supplied with diet and information sheets and other items to help the puppies or adult dogs transition into their new homes.

Any owner wanting to show their pup will be given MAIN REGISTER papers under a joint ownership with Jendally Kennels and a contract agreement which will be lodged with Dogs Victoria. Jendally Kennels will provide support and advice and will help them in any way that they can to achieve their goals with their dog.

Our ownership agreements do not interfere with the rights of the owner or their ownership of their dog, it is merely to safeguard the reputation of Jendally Kennels and the reputation of our breeding and our dogs. It ensures that only dogs of sufficient quality and breed type are displayed in show competition and It also prevents in the advent that an owner rehouses the dog in the future or surrenders the dog to a pound the possibility of main papered dogs falling into the hands on unethical breeders.

Any owner not wanting to have their pup or dog registered in a joint ownership agreement, or an owner who requests the change of papers of a dog that has a breed fault or is not suitable for showing’s puppy or dog will remain on the limit register.

Our goal is to ensure that only the best and most suitable dogs are shown in conformation competition and to safeguard the breed from dangerous or indiscriminate breeding practises. We provide a lifetime of support to Jendally dogs and their owners and we encourage participation in any ANKC sports and we recommend owners to become involved with their local obedience clubs.

We lead by example and only breed from dogs of high quality, with excellent health and sound temperaments. We represent the Dalmatian/French Bulldog breeds by showcasing their all round abilities to compete at high level in all types of competition and also to be the wonderful family companions that they are.